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Heartwork, INC.

I just recently left Heartwork, INC. after working there from May of 2012 to January 2013.

“Heartwork is an online retailer of furniture and accessories supporting start-ups and small businesses.
We provide simple, creative solutions for the way we work today.”

Here, I was in charge of the marketing department and designin/distributing newsletter and blog mailers through mailchimp.  The HTML coding and design of the mailers is all done by me with design influence from Heartwork’s inherit aesthetics.

I also contributed to the design and coding of the e-commerce site, through the Shopify platform which utilizes HTML, CSS, and Liquid.  In addition to designing and coding, I manage SEO and analytics for the site to produce weekly performance reports.

I have also designed and developed print work.  Such as, stickers, postcard mailers, PDF Presentation Decks, and packaging tape.

Links to Heartwork Print Work:

Marketing Postcard (front) Heartwork Mailer Postcard (back)
Heartwork Metal Storage 1.0
HBloom – Product Recommendations 12.14.12


Newsletter Blog



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